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IEXP and Google Mail Services

Updated 08/01/2008

IEXP has recently established a relationship with Google, and is now offering email services powered by Google Mail. In order to utilize this service, contact IEXP Support.

Benefits of using the Google Mail Service with IEXP
  • Continue to use email with your domain name (user@yourcompany.com)
  • Up to 6GB of disk space for each account
  • Up to 100 E-Mail accounts included
  • Google's Advanced Spam filtering
  • Webmail is powered by Google Mail (Gmail)
  • Eliminate issues with AOL and Comcast blocking your email addresses
  • You may only send up to 500 messages per day
  • You may send to up to 500 unique recipients per day
  • Up to 2000 total emails per day (i.e. you can send one email to a group of 500 people four times)
POP3 Configuration:

Once your account is setup (IEXP will provide you access information), below is the information you need in order to configure your e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook).

Important note: Before you can use POP3 for your email, you must enable POP3 access for each account.

Username: Your full e-mail address
Password: (as provided by IEXP or your e-mail administrator)
Incoming (POP3) Server: pop.gmail.com
Incoming (POP3) Server Port: 995
Incoming (POP3) Requires SSL: Yes
Outgoing (SMTP) Server: smtp.gmail.com
Outgoing (SMTP) Server Port: 465
Outgoing (SMTP) Requires SSL: Yes
Outgoing (SMTP) Requires Authentication: Yes (same username and password as POP3)
For more information on configuring your e-mail client, see this google support document.

Common Questions and Answers:
Question: I can't send or receive email
Answer: Make sure you enable POP access for your account (see above).

Question: I can receive, but can't send email.
Answer: In your e-mail program, you need to enable "my mail server requires authentication."

Question: I am entering my password, but it tells me that my username or password is incorrect.
Answer: Double check your password to ensure that you are indeed entering it properly. If you are, it is possible that your account is locked (this can happen for multiple reasons, including multiple wrong passwords being entered). To fix it, you need to go to this page, and enter your username (your full email address) and correct password. After you do this, your password should be accepted in your e-mail client.

Question: If I upgrade and switch my email to the new service, do I have to reconfigure my computer?
Answer: Yes, you will need to reconfigure your e-mail client using the information above.

Question: Can I use IMAP instead of POP3 ?
Answer: Yes. There are settings in your webmail interface (the same place where you enable POP3 access) that allows you to enable IMAP and how to configure your e-mail client. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, read this article about how to help speed up Microsoft Outlook IMAP access.

Question: When I try to send email to many people at once, I get an error that says "too many recipients."
Answer: Google Mail services, and most e-mail providers, now limit the number of recipients you can include in a single email due to increased security as a result of spam. If you need to send e-mail to a large list of people, you should be using an e-mail list management system such as Sound-Off.

Question: When I download my email with my mail program, will I have to download all the spam too ?
Answer: When e-mail is marked as spam, it is moved to the "Spam" folder in webmail and is not downloaded when you connect with POP. Spam will sit in your spam folder in webmail for 30 days, after which it is automatically deleted.

Question: I didn't receive an e-mail that I was expecting. What happened?
Answer: There are many reasons why e-mail doesn't show up when you expect it. The most common reason for a missing email message is because it was mistakenly marked as spam. You can log into webmail, and either search or browse the spam folder for the message you expected. Beyond this if you feel there is a problem, and you are sure that e-mail is not bing marked as spam, then contact your e-mail administrator or if your email is managed by IEXP, then submit a ticket on our support portal.

Question: I think an e-mail somebody sent me was marked as spam. How do I get it ?
Answer: You can log into webmail, and either search or browse the spam folder for the message you expected.

Question: Good e-mail is being marked as spam! How can I prevent emails from (specify person) from going to my spam folder?
Answer: Add the person's e-mail address to your address book in webmail. All e-mail addresses in your address book will always be delivered to your inbox instead of to the spam folder.

Question: I am still getting some spam in my inbox! Help!
Answer: Unfortunately there is no way that all spam can be blocked. The best thing you can do is flag emails that you know are spam, which helps us better "recognize" spam e-mail in the future.

Question: I need help setting up my computer! Can somebody just do it for me?
Answer: IEXP helps setup your company account and create your e-mail accounts for access through webmail, however we do not provide desktop e-mail configuration support for Google Mail services. There are many resources online to help you configure your computer. If you need technical assistance beyond these online resources, you should contact a computer consultant to help you or your organization with basic help desk support.

Question: How do I switch to the new google service?
Answer: Here is how the switch works:
  1. Create the new account: Once you give approval to IEXP to upgrade to the new mail service, we will create a new "administrator" control panel account for you. This account is where you create all your email addresses, set passwords, and other settings for your organization.

  2. Setup your email addresses: Using this control panel, create all the email addresses for your organization (you need to create each account -- we can do this for you, but will charge for the time to do so).
    Note: While you use this account, it will not be "active." That means that email will still be going to the old mail server where you have been getting email.

  3. Schedule a time to make the switch: Once you have setup all your accounts, let us know that you are ready to switch. (we have to make changes on our end when the switch happens so that you do not lose any email)

  4. Make the switch: At the agreed upon time between you and IEXP, do the following:
    1. Pop your email off the old mail server one last time
    2. Double check that each new google powered email account has enabled POP3 access
    3. Update each of your computers to point to the new mail server (see instructions earlier on this page)
    4. Verify that you are sending and receiving email properly
    5. If you run into any problems, check this page and google's online help.

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